Update: See Project Ideas wiki page for current list.

The ideas listed here came from our community, feel free to propose your own.


  • Develop Tooling API. Define a C and C++ interfaces to
    • embed the compiler in third-party applications
    • write plugins
  • Write a static processing tool for Fortran (requires some of the tooling API)

Compiler driver

Debug information support

Use LLVM IR Metadata to emit debug information.

Polyhedral optimizations

Add support for polyhedral loop optimizations. This would include:

  • Providing support for LLVM Polly optimization passes
  • Analyzing optimized code and potentially tweaking optimization passes

OpenMP support

Implement some OpenMP support using LLVM’s OpenMP runtime library. Project is open-ended, full scope would be very large, but a subset of OpenMP clauses can be implemented in reasonable time. This would include:

  • Parsing OpenMP pragmas
  • Outlining regions defined by the pragmas
  • Emitting code for outlined regions and making calls to OpenMP runtime

Proposing your own project

Please open an issue describing your proposal. Check our proposed enhancement list for some of the potential ideas. Feel free to post comment on any of those if you have questions.